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Welcome to Troy Mining Corporation


Troy Mining Corporation is a California based company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties containing precious metals, primarily gold.

Troy's basic approach to the acquisition of mining properties is to review the historical records, perform exploratory surveys and to acquire existing claims or to stake new claims on any parcel which it deems of sufficient interest for additional exploration.

Potential of the properties controlled by Troy Mining Corporation

This project is not a new or start-up project; this project and the properties involved in it have been part of an ongoing, working mining program with ore being removed and processed as late as the early 2000’s. Troy Mining Corp. has hundreds of pages of historical data regarding the claims involved in this project along with claims in the surrounding area along with specific data reports regarding the project claims.

A Gold and Silver Recovery Project

The project is located within the central part of the State of California approximately 2 to 4 miles from the town of El Portal accessible via State Hwy 140. To reach the actual claims area, the Company controls and maintains approximately 7 miles of dirt road. The property may also be accessed via another route that is not completed but can be very easily.

The mine is at about 4.200 feet in elevation and with the exception of minor snow in the winter, is easily accessible year round. Water is easily obtained on the site as a small creek runs down an adjacent gully which has a reservoir, (pond), constructed on it plus accessing underground water via well(s) is available.



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