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Frequently Asked Questions

The positioning of the claims located within the project is promising and geologic history of the area is impressive.
Following are some pertinent questions/answers regarding the project.

Q) How many claims are there in total now?

A) There are 79 existing claims that currently make up the project with additional claims being added.

Q) Under what name are the claims currently registered?

A) Troy Mining Corporation.

Q) Where are the claims located?

A) On leased BLM property located in Mariposa County, California.

Q) When do the leases with the agencies expire?

A)Annually on September 1 for BLM and County taxes are due at the same time. Under current government regulations, if the claims are worked for a period of 3 years, application can be filed for patenting of them.

Q) Are the claims assignable and/or transferable?

A) Yes

Q) What are the regulations to maintain the ownership?

A) Payment of annual claim fees and county taxes.

Q) When can the business of extracting ore be done?

A) With some very few possible “snow” days, year around..

Q) In addition to gold, are there other precious minerals available for recovery?

A) According to the geologists that have surveyed property, assay reports and historical data, there is definitely a quantity of silver plus other potential precious metals.

Q) Are there any additional assets located on the property?

A)There is sufficient recoverable timber to be profitable however we believe it best to use it for the mining operations needs.

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