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There are three main portals located within the area currently included in the Troy mining claims that have been worked from as early as 1849 to as recently as 2002 with an additional 41 known but unexplored portals. None of these mines have never been worked with modern equipment so the new tunneling/mining equipment available today that will allow for much greater production from the project at a much lower recovery cost than in the past.

All of the mining done in this area is what is known as Hardrock or below grade, tunnel mining which is environmentally friendly as opposed to open-pit type mining.

The total past production of gold from the mines located within this area is estimated to exceed 1,000,000 ounces.
While this figure is impressive, the estimated gold reserve for this area is well over double this number. In addition to the gold reserve there is also an estimated silver reserve in ounces equal to that of the gold.


Please see the following video for an inside look and the history of Troy Mining>>

The Following Data is Available upon Request:
Engineering and Geology Reports
Historic Mines of the Area
Behre Dolbear Report
Assay Reports by Twining Labs – samplings indicate gold yield per ton from a low of 0.33 to a high of 4.17silver yield per ton from a low of 0.37 to a high of 6.53
Assay Reports by Abbot A Hanks, Inc. – samplings indicate gold yield per ton from low of 0.37 to a high of 2.48
A Power Point Presentation